Encouraging News in the Latest Giving USA Report: And, a shift in donor giving trends emerges

By Angela White and Jeff Small of Johnson, Grossnickle and Associates, Inc.

As a Giving Institute member firm, this is always an exciting time of year for us as we get to help refine, interpret, and unveil the results of Giving USA’s annual estimates of giving. The release of this rich...

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Perspectives from the Chair about Giving USA 2014 – Part II

By David H. King, CFRE Chair of the Giving Institute and President & CEO of Alexander Haas, Inc.

First, one unfinished piece of business from last year: When Giving USA 2013 was released, I wrote in this “Perspectives” column that saber-rattling from Washington about doing away with the tax deduction for...

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Perspectives from the Chair about Giving USA 2014

By L. Gregg Carlson Chair of the Giving USA Foundation and President of Carlson Fund Raising, LLC

I would like to take the chair’s prerogative to bring home a point I think sometimes gets lost when it comes to Americans’ donations to our country’s philanthropic organizations.

To wit, it is commonly perceived...

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Three Ideas for the Summer Institute

By Hank Goldstein, Director Oram Group, Inc.


Seems it's been put off another 15 to 25 years. I always found these estimates a squirrely business, way too dependent on fragile economic assumptions as indeed was the case in 2007-8 when the economy collapsed. We are now in another...

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Are Philanthropic Values Taught? Engaging the Young Donor

By Peter Fissinger, President and CEO, Campbell & Company

I recently found myself in a discussion with an experienced and generous philanthropist about younger donors. This person was frustrated with some younger entrepreneurs in his community who have significant wealth but are not involving themselves in the community the way he...

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Comments on the 2013 Report of the Nonprofit Research Collaborative

By John M. Cash, Ph.D., Senior Consultant and Chair of the Board, Marts & Lundy

The importance of private philanthropy, coming out of the worst economic downturn in more than 70 years, has never been greater, and the March report of the Nonprofit Research Collaborative on 2013 giving to more than 500...

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Rocky Balboa Philadelphia
How the Arts Transformed Philly Into a Place Rocky Balboa Wouldn’t Recognize

By Robert Evans of The Evans Consulting Group

The City of Brotherly Love just got some good news: People want to live here.

For the seventh straight year, the city’s population has grown, now standing at more than 1.5 million, according to a recent report from the Pew Charitable Trusts titled, “Philadelphia: The...

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Successful Fundraising Starts with a Strong Board

Keith Curtis, President, The Curtis Group

At The Curtis Group we often counsel clients on creating a board of directors who are both willing and able to raise major gifts. It’s one of the most common issues that causes frustration between nonprofit staff and their volunteer leadership. Staff complain that board...

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5 Key Online Fundraising Trends from 2013

By Steve MacLaughlin, Blackbaud
Each year Blackbaud reports on charitable giving trends based on data from The Blackbaud Index, which has measured giving on a monthly basis for nearly four years. This year our charitable giving analysis measures actual data from 3,359 nonprofits representing $1.7 billion in online fundraising...

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Is “Overhead” a Valid Way to Evaluate Your Nonprofit?

By: Jeffrey Byrne
Jeffrey Byrne + Associates


Last June (2013), three of the nation’s most highly-respected thought leaders in the nonprofit world asked donors in America to look beyond overhead and help dispel the “Overhead Myth.”

Jacob Harold, President and CEO of GuideStar, Ken Berger, President and CEO of Charity Navigator and...

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